Jubilee in Bohemia


The New Factory was invited to perform at the first Souladění Festival in Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic in July 2012.

We presented a brand new translation (by Lucy Daniels) of Jubilee by Anton Chekhov. We had hoped to perform in both Czech (with local collaborators) and English working with a Czech translation (by Zuzana Jochman) based on the new English version. However we couldn’t find enough Czech performers in time. This didn’t stop us utilising a couple of young Czech performers in and extended English version.

We performed both in a large Chapito (tent), and The Stolen Gallery in the centre of Cesky Krumlov.

There was music, passion, not a small amount of madness, and a mass eccentric dance.

Having dipped our toes into the world of film last year with our short ‘Lenin’s Lunch’, we filmed the trip, the finished version of said film will be available soon.

The work was subsequently staged at The Pushkin Club in London. Both stagings were directed by Gary Merry.

You can find more on the trip in The New Factory’s blog of our journey here>>>